Welcome to the all new website for Universal Autosports!

A new era  of automotive excellence is dawning at Universal Autosports and our first item of change is our new website.  This latest iteration of the UAS design is meant to be an evolution of our previous site that will focus on a better user experience by delivering consistancy  across all platforms.  We understand that the majority of our clients access our content through a variety of devices and appreciate having the same experience on their iPad as they do on their laptop.  Now you’ll be able to browse the same exact content on all platforms.

Speaking of content, that is the driving force behind our new change.  Delivering frequently updated content to keep our customers, friends, and drivers in a timely, informative fashion. Our goal is to provide fresh content weekly outlining all the exciting Universal Autosports events, racing, exotic car sales, service clinics, etc.

We pledge to try and make the Universal Autosports online experience as professional and pleasant as dealing with our staff in person.  Just as we are always open to constructive criticism in our day to day operations, we value any personal advice you’d like to share regarding our online “showroom”.  If you have any suggestions on how to make the UAS online experience better please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Most importantly, check back for often as we will be constantly updating the website and tweaking various functions to perfection.


This will be our own internal blog for news, events, racing, car sales, etc.  We can literally add anything we want at anytime from any location in the world.  All in effort to keep our site indexed and up to date to provide a better experience for our clients.

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