With Christmas less than one week away, many of us take the cherished opportunity out of our hectic lives to focus on our families and loved ones.

This Christmas our family here at Universal Autosports has but one wish,  prayers and support for our young friend Nicholas Pedone.

Nicholas is a courageous young man who is battling neuroblastoma.  At seven years old he was diagnosed with this rare form of cancer and bravely embarked upon his battle with a constant smile and a winning attitude.  A rapid sports fan, Nicholas is facing something at such a young age that would make most adults wallow in despair.

Not Nicholas.

His beaming smile and positive attitude conveys what few athletes possess deep down in their core.  A rare winning combination of charisma and perseverance that can see them thru the challenge of any division title, superbowl game, or illness life can throw at them.

Please help us cheer Nicholas and his family on as they beat neuroblastoma one day at a time.  Stop by Nicholas’ website at and make sure to drop in on his Facebook page and let him knowing your cheering him on.

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