For 21 years, Luigi Scala has worked on Ferraris as old as he is and as new as the ones being made today. His diplomas, certifications and registered technician credentials could wallpaper Universal Autosports’ entire service facility – with enough left over to start on the showroom.Luigi’s accreditations include – but are not limited to – advanced electronics, timing and belts, carburettors, transmissions (including major services) and more. Luigi has certifications for particular car parts and functions (like the 360 Spider top), as well as tools used to detect problems (like noise and vibration harshness).Scala started working on Ferraris in Italy, and has continued his work – and accreditation – here in the United States. Luigi also has ample experience and credentials for his many years servicing Maseratis. During his tenure working in the Ferrari Challenge, Luigi’s 15 years of Challenge experience afford him the knowledge to work on 348, 355, 360 and 430 Challenge cars. Luigi’s Maserati Technical Training Passport certifies his abilities in SD2 and SD3 Motronic F1 Cambio diagnosis, basic electronics, advanced electronics and advanced electronic diagnosis, and noise and vibration harshness – as well as specific models.

As recently as February, 2008, Luigi Scala has renewed his certification as a registered Master Technician with Ferrari. His Ferrari Passport is riddled with stamps for specific cars. His Passaporto Formazione – or Training Passport – contains certification for models such as the Enzo Ferrari, 360 Modena and Spider, 575M Maranello, 612 Scaglietti, Superamerica, F430, 430 Scuderia, and the 599 GTB Fiorano. It also contains certification for processes such as basic electrical, advanced electrical, theory and diagnosis, and SD2 and SD3 Motronic training.

Luigi has restored, repaired, refurbished, remedied, renovated, regenerated, renewed, revamped, revived and otherwise rebuilt Ferraris as old as 330s and Daytonas, and as new as 430 Scuderias and 599 GTB Fioranos. Since 1987, he’s had specific and abundant experience with the 412, 308, 512 BB (and BBi), 328, Testarossa, 348, and 355 – not to mention the more contemporary models of today.

While he is clearly the best in New York, many believe he’s one of the best in the world.

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