racing-menuWe consider ourselves to be the leader in Ferrari racing support, racecar setup and driver development.  Our staff consists of Ferrari Factory Trained technicians, fabricators, and body & metal specialists that can support any of our clients’ needs.  Please feel free to contact us regarding our services and joining our team.

Please see our racing support list below for details of our service & capabilities.


  • Maintain a check on all fluids.
  • Monitor for leaks of fluids appearing around the engine bay or underneath vehicle.
  • Regulate tire pressures as recommended from manufacturer.
  • General check through on brakes.
  • Check suspension and bearings for play after each run.
  • Retrieve tire and brake temps during practice.
  • Maintain log book.
  • Keep car in clean state.
  • Fuel car (fuel not included).
  • Beverages, snacks and lunch.

$1,200 Per Day



  • Check all fluids and fill as necessary, including flush and bleed braking system, engine oil, gearbox oil, F1 clutch fluid, coolant and power steering fluid.  All fluids used are factory specification.
  • Check air filter, pollen filters and air duct plumbing, clean or replace as necessary.
  • Check engine bay for component integrity, tighten or secure components as necessary.  Check drivetrain for fluid leaks.
  • Check engine, transmission, and suspension computers for diagnostic trouble codes (errors).  Document and diagnose as necessary.
  • Check seats and belt restraints for integrity and compliance.  Inspect on-board fire system. Inspect roll cage and safety apparatus for integrity.  Check and clear interior of any loose or non essential items.  Document and replace or repair as necessary.
  • Check tires for pressure, wear damage and wheel torque.  Check wheel balance.
  • Check suspension for damaged or defective components, fastener torque, general operation and alignment settings.
  • Check underbody panels for damage.
  • Check brake rotors, pads, hoses and brake system for integrity and wear.  Check ceramic brake wear with tester if applicable.
  • Check body and glass for defects or damage.  Check all lights for proper operation.
  • Check aerodynamic components for integrity.
  • Wash and wax car and document any irregularities.  Vacuum and clean interior, clean all glass inside and out.



*Client will be notified and kept abreast of any finding from the above inspections.  At that time, said client and Universal Autosports will together devise a repair strategy and proceed with needed service.  No work will be performed other than the actual inspection without prior client consent.  All parts used are factory replacements except where not applicable.

*Pre or post track inspections are five (5) hours of labor including washing and cleaning of the vehicle.  All extra diagnostic and repairs are charged accordingly, at a very competitive rate of $175 per man per hour.



Any client choosing to have data acquisition can be done so with our race engineer and vehicle specific software.  It will aid a driver to better visualize on  computer where improvements can be made.  It aids a racer to understand where potentially a braking point or an accelerating point could be improved though out the whole track configuration.

$1,250 per day



All cars that have NOT been prepared by Universal Autosports prior to each event and have a failure at the track can choose to have their cars repaired by Universal Autosports at $175 per man per hour plus parts.  Clients that have pre-race prepared their cars with the Universal Autosports professional team are exempt from this charge.  All parts will be available on track from Universal Autosports.

$175 per man per hour



Specific setup for each track.  Adjustments include:

  • Corner weights.
  • Toe settings.
  • Caster/camber settings.
  • Bump steer.




Universal Autosports will provide transportation to each track event from our location in New York.  Vehicles will be stored and maintained in a clean, secure, climate controlled facility in either location depending on upcoming events.  Storage is free of charge for all truck support vehicles.



$1.75 per mile



Universal Autosports will offer two types of payment packages for the 2015 season.  Based on the purposed 2015 season we will be offering two payment packages based on a two day event:

$7,500 per event or $21,000 for three events (paid in full upfront)

***a 50% nonrefundable Deposit is due 3 weeks prior to each event***


Our commitment in turn is to provide a complete and competitive racing package at each event including:

  • Racecar transport to and from track.
  • Full track support.
  • Pre-track inspection (in shop).
  • Racecar set-up (in shop and trackside).
  • Race techs for two days.
  • Full hospitality and driver lounge.

We look forward to a rewarding and successful 2015 series!!!

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